Web Hosting Service
A business which provides online space available on internet to make a websiye visible is called a web hosting. These web hosting service are provided in form of web host servers which are under controlled of different companies or individuals. Many companies provides a space on internet as a small spaces to host small web pages. These hosting providers provides space and take some charges on annual basis.

These web host servers works by storing the websites of all types either of many pages or of small web pages. The amount of spaces is depends upon the type of website. such as ebsites having many pages needs a large space to grow. These hosting servers are connected to a very high and strong network in order to prevent any types of difficulties in the network connection.. When the url address is been typed on the system then the webserver will connects to the internet and then provides information and pages to he desired location..
These web hosting servers are either be managed by one or be managed by the hosting providers.

Types of Web Hosting

There are various types of webhosting services as :

Dedicated web hosting
Shared Web Hosting
Cloud web Hosting
Website Builder

When you host your websies you are actually mking your website available online and making them accessible for the users on internet. These websites may also contains many videos, text, images, or any types of contents and the users are able to see them and access them due to these hosting provider. For making these website available for users we have to store them on a web server on internet. when you buy a space from any hosting provider then they stre the websites on their webservers so that they an be accessible whenever they needed to accessed by users.

Web Server :

A space where your websites and web pages are stored these are called as web servers. The content of your websites are could be delivered by these severs to the users of internet. These web servers are a computer systems having more increased resources and having lots of specifications.. The connection of these web servers with internet are lso very powerful. These web hosting providers mainly have their own spaces and server for which they take rent and take charges on a regular intervals.

Web Host :

A person or company who provide web space on rents for other websites from their fully owned servers. Ther are some of the persons who have not their own servers but then also they sell spaces to others. THey do this by purchasing a lare spaces from a hosting company and then they again resell them. These large hosing companies have their own data centers. In these data centres they host millions others websites. These web space sellers provides many other srvices also and also reffered as web service providers.

Web Hosting Companies Services :

These web hosting companies provides many other services such as email, SSL certificates, SEO softwares, domain registration, websites builder tools. These are the additinal services they provides but the web spaces they provide are the most important product among them. The website building tool they provide help others to develop their own websites and seo software provides them traffic.

Some Basic Features Of Web Hosting Plans :

There are some basic features of various web hosting plans they are as follows :

Disk Space

Disk space is the storage space where one can store their data files, video, audio, images etc. A disk space is needed according to the website contents. These spaces are measured in megabytes. Some osting providers provie extra disk spaces according to the website need taking extra rent for that spaces but some providers do not provide extra required disk spaces.

The amount of data that can be transfer in a period of time is depends upon the bandwidth. If the bandwidth is less the websites may loads slow and also it affects the speed of the websites. Some of companies provides the bandwidth saying unlimited while some provides the bandwidth according to the need and requirement of the websites. Such as websites having a lots of videos and images mus need a large amount of bandwidth.

Uptime refers the time till which the server running continously. If one will recommend you the 99.99% uptime then it means that the websites are be down for approx 8 hours in a whole year. while the uptime percentage of 98% means that the websites will down for 7 days in a whole year.
Customer Service

These hosting providers also provides customer support through chat, phone or email. These support may be for 24/7 or e differs on the basis of the companies abilities.

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